God save Ukraine!

Posted by strygul on 23/01/14

22/01/2014. Kyiv, Ukraine. My country is torn by corruption and cynicism. My city is torn by hate and violence. Every 15 minutes field-hospitals report about new victims of the clashes. Police use guns against protesters and turtore those who¬†they arrest. Just yesterday (21/01/2014) 3 young guys died because of police actions. Two died from bullet of a sniper. One was kidnapped from hospital by police, turtored, murdered, and droped off as a dog in a forest. The Prime Minister cynicaly says that he regrets about the dead, but that they were guilty themselve. People in Ukraine are fed with the government while the opposition leaders cannot find a common language with the President who alone makes all decisions. It seems that there is no fast solution to this bloody conflict… Only God can save Ukraine now!

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  1. Comment by Tim Bucknall | 2014/01/23 at 13:59:48

    What should citizens of foreign countries ask their governments to do to help the people of Ukraine?

    freeze the assets of yanuk & azarov in the west?

    Glory to Ukraine, Glory to the Heroes

  2. Comment by strygul | 2014/01/24 at 02:22:36

    Yes, the best way is to put pressure on the national representatives in the EU to apply economic sanctions against Yanukovitch and his surrounding.

  3. Comment by posimosh | 2014/01/24 at 06:00:59

    Hey Strygul,
    I just wanted to drop in and say thank you for for the article you have written about the ongoing political unrest in the Ukraine. Specifically, I appreciate you writing the post in English so that people like me can observe the unrest from a common-person’s perspective thousands of miles away without depending on translation services that often make a reader lose a bit of the perspective and meaning that someone is trying to express in their native tongue. Basically, what I mean is, when an automated transcription service is used, there are bit (both large and small) that can be lost in translation.
    In any case, I just wanted to point out a spelling mistake that you have made in your post. Please don’t think I’m trying to be a jerk by pointing this out as it is not my intention. Here is the sentence you wrote, “Each 15 minutes field-hospitals report about new victims of the clashes. Police uses guns against protesters and turtor those who they catch. Yesterday died 3 young guys.”
    Here it is corrected, “EVERY 15 minutes field-hospitals report new victims of the clashes. Police USE guns against protesters, and TORTURE those who they ARREST. JUST Yesterday (add the date) 3 young guys DIED BECAUSE OF POLICE ACTIONS.”

    Please, don’t take offence, you have spoken eloquently about the situation on the ground in your city. I think it is important that we, as global citizens need more first hand accounts like yours disseminated in as many languages as possible. This is important to build support now, and when history looks at these times in your country, they will depend heavily on first hand accounts of events like those you have just expressed here.
    Thank you for your words and effort! Keep the faith…

  4. Comment by strygul | 2014/01/24 at 12:57:16

    Thank you posimosh.

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